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Posted by emeyesi, Thu Apr-19-01 07:16 PM

---Thats the dumbest comment ive ever heard. First off, does album sales necessarily mean that they are a "dope group"? DMX goes multi platinum with every record, does that mean that hes the illest lyricist around? HELL NO. So fuck how many albums Spooks sold in Italy. Who cares? And does your statement imply that the early okayartists' albums were not tight albums? I dont know the stats off hand, but i cant imagine Do You Want More going platinum or anything like that, so does that mean that the album wasnt a straight up classic? If thats how u feel than i think you should hang around on the websites where the Spooks are hailed as the greatest hip hop act on the planet. Marinate on that one playa.

Damn man I guess I struck a nerve. Did the Spooks steal your lunch money or something? Why this vendetta against them? I'd almost think that you work for a record label that they dissed, but you don't seem smart enough to be employed at all. Lemme address the above idiotic reply you made.

1. I never said they were a dope group because of album sales, I said someone must be feeling them enough to go out an actually buy an album by them.

2. Obviously I dig all the okayartists (moron) i'm here aren't I?
That statement was made to let you know that heads are checking for the Spooks...around the world, and album sales are a reflection of that.

3. LOL Stop biting my slang fool!

---PS. I really dont see where your coming from in your defense of the Spooks. Do you have some sort of vested interest in them? Are you like their fuckin manager or something, or are you just one of their wack m.c.'s creeping the okay boards tryin to spread the word. I dont know, but you seem to be on their dick pretty damn hard.

4. Damn, dick riding huh...LOL If I was their manager I'd be quite busy right now seeing that they are blowing up and touring throughout Europe...but oh I forgot! You only care about what goes on here in the U.S.! Take that bug outta yo ass man!



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