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Topic subjectMING-XIA GOES SOLO!??!
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Posted by emeyesi, Mon Apr-16-01 07:09 PM
Okay I'm playing...but read what the Spooks have to say about that matter below.

Booka-T responds for the Spooks about all the Ming-Xia should go solo questions. Read on:

"Various other projects have always been in the plans,including a ming solo joint.spooks work as a unit and has always had a big plan.siosos is just the first step.people will get a solo album but it will not happen until we are ready and not before.we are doing very well all over the world;touring and selling alot of records,not to mention collecting many plaques.we are the least known in the US but working on that little problem.think about this.if you had a group that is successful all over the globe in all the largest markets,selling records,has a large touring fan base and recieving gold plaques and soon to be platinum,would you stop all that to do a solo album b-cuz a few peeps in one market thats not even your biggest selling market suggested that ming do a solo album - i don't think so.most places that we tour in the world dont even bring that up.infact,we've only been asked that one time in about 100 interviews in say about 20 countries.if we stopped to do a ming solo album would we not be letting down a larger amount of fans through out the world.that wouldn't make sense.sorry to go off the subject but people often assume that if you are not big in the US that it all ends right there.many of the artist that are huge in the states are not known anywhere else. trust me,i know.some of the ones that are known abroad cant even give away concert tickets.outside the states no one wants to see them live.there are gold and platinum artist in the states that spooks would have to open up for in the states,but they would have to be spooks,black eyed peas or wheatus' opening act anywhere else on the planet.i guess im explaining all this to help people to understand why it would be crazy as well as a dangerous move to do a solo album anytime soon. oh yeah,if this type of post ever comes up again,can everyone in the safehouse either give them the same explanation or direct them to this one.i believe that b cuz we are not yet as successful in the states people dont realize how much we have to loose by doing a ming solo joint too soon.for those of you who do not know the fugees blew up off of their first album in europe.you know the one that didnt do so well at home.the roots had a huge touring fanbase in europe when no one in the states even knew who they were.and they made great money doing it!im in europe right now and you see spooks and the black eyed peas on mtv as much as you would see emenim or jay z in the states.does not sound like the proper time to do a solo joint to me. how can an album be good if all but one of its 5 members are wack? thanx 4 your honest review.b cuz i respect that,i tried to give you an honest reply.i hope you see this reply and please stick around you have a home here."

Hope that'll clear up alot for those who've been asking. Make sure you check out http://www.spooks.net oh and the Spooks even roam the message boards a la Brother Question.



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