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17185, RE: like i said
Posted by GB9, Wed Apr-25-01 05:41 PM
i think the wu can be make an argument for legendary status, that isnt too far fetched.....but when i hear dope beats rhymes i dont think that means you have to ask "is it better than premiere beats" or "is it better than a canibus verse", its the combination of the two, thought is my favorite MC and i prefer him over any other but thats my opinion, i love many other MCs, i love the music/beats the roots provide and i cant compare them to much other production cuz its very different, its the combination of dopeness and the even doper sound together....i think people tend to forget how dope music is when it all comes together, canibus can kick a million dope verses but will they sound dope on beats? it takes some talent to rock a beat right, nowadays cats just want to kill it and end up makin it sound like an acapella put over a random instrumental, thats fun if you like it but i think its harder to make a dope track altogether and the roots do it everytime, and producers can make tracks and tracks but they all need someone to put vocals on it that will make the shit sound tight, there are many many dope groups and combinations of producers and MCs that get the job done 4real, THE ROOTS are definitely one of them, they make dope MUSIC dope HIPHOP everytime