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Topic subjectRE: what you think of: the roots
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17182, RE: what you think of: the roots
Posted by CTOWN_REPREZENTA, Wed Apr-25-01 02:14 PM
i agree wit da last two comments, but 4real though, u gotta admit that some of the cats on here be walkin da fine line between havin love and jus blantant dick ridin'. i like da roots and all but damn, greatest of all time? legendary? i dont know about the later, they will be in due time, but right now, i jus dont know. as far as what i think of the roots they aight, i consider 'em my 4th favorite group. i think of the roots as blk thought, dice, malik b (is he really out of da group?), hub, questlove, and da rest of da band. and i'll really miss malik if he is really out of the group cause (and i know imma get crucified for this) sometimes thought gets monotonous and malik comes through to liven things up a bit. and about being the illest emcee, thought is nice but he jus dont stack up to the names that dude mentioned be4.

feel free to disagree