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Topic subjectRE: what you think of: the roots
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17181, RE: what you think of: the roots
Posted by feetsadiq, Wed Apr-25-01 06:39 AM
First Music is personal...you cant tell someone they are wrong about there personal taste...you can disagree but damn how the hell can you say your opinion is better than someone elses...De La is Hot...EPMD when they split up showed lack of skillz...Tribe is Tribe some people just donbt feel em sometimes...

On to the Roots...as a brother who sat in the corner and witnessed first hand the evolution of the Square Roots to the force they are today I have to give it up...If half the people knew the struggle these brothas went thro' their respect meter would go off the charts...From the corners (yes corners), Geffen Records, 15 mofos fightin for the mic (I stil like organix track 14 minutes oh rhyme) Ahmir beatin on the damn sidewalk...to "The Studio", Motive Records, a Grammy, Production credits all over the place...thats movement...and it must be acknowledged and respected...the sick thing is this is still the start...

I know there are crazy people like get off there jocks they arent that great...well I say whatever...of course there are better...there always is...better really doesn't matter...skill matters...tell me Quest cant play the drums...tell me Thought cant bus'...tell me Hub cant strum...tell me Scratch and Rahzel dont amaze you...tell me Malik cant rip it can you really?

And if you can you still cant tell me they arent real...They still talk to there homies...i just saw Quest and Mpozi catchin up the other day...I bet I could walk up to Ahmir with no fear of big ass security niggas whuppin my but...try that with Jay-Z...

If Im jock ridin so-be-it Quest, Ahmir, Malik, Scratch, Rah, Hub, Ted, Rich, and all the other brothas and sistas that help the group do there thang....big ups...to the haters keep hatin its more to talk about

Im waitin for the Questlove quintet tho' I m sick of these old heads tellin me jazz is dead...please please please