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Topic subjectRE: Its ?uestlove
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17147, RE: Its ?uestlove
Posted by teapoetess, Tue Mar-20-01 01:34 PM
didn't ?uest also singlehandedly pen the liner notes for "things fall apart," image-wise, he IS the media/fan-interactive voice for that group. i kinda think that without him, there would be no bridge btwn the artists and the listeners.... he's kinda like the decoder. their songs are encoded... the listener is the receptor. and if there were no intensive liner notes or okp posts, those songs would stay coded.

when the roots go to the grammy's, who comes and reports to us what they saw? ?uest.

when they tour? ?uest.

musically, they're a collective.
viscerally, they're ?uest.

*shutting up in 3...2...1...*