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Topic subjectIts ?uestlove
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17146, Its ?uestlove
Posted by Brandard, Tue Mar-20-01 07:56 AM
Before i came to this site it wasnt. I read the liner notes and stuff, so i knew who was who, and from a passive fan standpoint it was probably more Thought than anyone just because he is the MC.

But since OKP the Roots are ?uest. He gives teh indepth on the songs, breaks them down, tells us the samples, he posts, he does updates, his section is massive. Maybe its b/c i got here after scratch, BT and Kamal would post.......

Its not like i dont think the other members contribute to the songwriting or anything, its jsut that the only personality i can attach to this band is ?uests so there fore he becomes the band in my mind.

But as ?uest has so often said, he enjoys going online @ 5 am to interact with us, tell us his opions and coment on ours, obviously not everyone else in the band does, which is fine it just alters my perspective of the Roots

and to answer your other prompt, the Roots are a 100% LEGENDARY.