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Topic subjectwhat you think of: the roots
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17141, what you think of: the roots
Posted by guest, Tue Mar-20-01 03:37 AM

curious, what's the general vibe in your own mind when you think of the roots?

are they legendary?

is it the live, organic, hip-hop band thing?

is it acessibility or distance?

are they a bunch of dudes with individual styles?

or is black thought and ?uestlove?

or is 'the roots' just ?uestlove to you?

is thought's rhymes or ?uestlove's writings/posts?

underdog/local heroes perhaps.

don't mean the music so much as the image.

what's your mental picture/definition.

hub, kamal, malik b., rahzel, scratch..

did/does coming to this site make any difference?

those that have met them can chime in too.

are they intelligent or mean or moody or what.

seize your time! - marley/wailers

exciting, isn't it - treach/naughty