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Topic subjectChow Yun Fat and Jill Scott
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16808, Chow Yun Fat and Jill Scott
Posted by ShinobiShaw, Thu May-03-01 11:43 AM
Is the world started to wise up? Thank God.

I've been following Chow Yun since I dont know when.
Jill Scott, I'm still trying to find your mysterious twin sister.

5 D.V.S
"Prepare for oblivion"


"I used to be the town crier in a city of stone throwers
Until my soul was laid bare and displayed in the pearled square
Ignored, more than a lot, not less, no one understood my thought, process
I was gagged and bound over noise complaints
But, commanding the resolve that destroys constraints
I, found my escape in a melding of memories
The next thing I know, I'm rowing this boat
And blowing this note on an old tarnished trumpet"
Buck 65