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Topic subjectaint she tho?? n/m
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16792, aint she tho?? n/m
Posted by da8th, Wed May-02-01 08:56 AM
Vote for my group, "The Kinesiis Project" & the song "My Turn" on Power 99fm!!

To request or vote for "MY TURN" by "Kinesiis" featuring "euclid street":
dial: 215-263-6699
outside Philadelphia area: 800-669-9936
or IM / e-mail Tiffany Bacon at:
Lady99fm@aol.com - or - tbacon@power99.com

Buy this chick's book!! http://www.thebrokediaries.com/indexbk.htm

And peep this while you're at it!! http://www.azrielgroup.com

you wanna holla?

hit me @ AIM: jelani454

j-swigga - the reniassance thug }>