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16690, esther roll-play
Posted by qoolquest, Fri May-04-01 06:09 PM
kamal- brings his ideas full fledge. plays keys, guitar bass and programs the drums. if riq feels it, it goes to second base. either me or kelo replace the drums. ("next movement" me, "section" kelo sampling me to make my sound fatter)

rich nichols- concept guy. can be honest and you not get mad for his honesty. has incredible stamina and patience for vocal takes. very naggy for mixing sessions "drum suck dick!" has great ability to stroke ego of lesser masters of first take (tariq). "cool that was nice, try and approximate the vibe more, use breath control, just try it another way and we can a/b it again" basically nice guy talk for "you suck!".

kelo- scientist. keeps files of every snare i ever hit since i got a deal. gadget guy. perfected our live sound. how to make our shit bigger. dice's overseeer. steal's my records since he figures that i won't need em anytime soon. human protools machine.

scott- writes mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad songs.

me- brings song sketches to the table. (see kamal) difference is i utilize scott's songwriting ability (melody. pop sense see eve song, xhibit, and dre's last 2 years as "producer") james' (sqrs) and kamal's as well as my own. mixdowns are my strengths (i think) and i think more of the to the left stuff usually come from me.

the source mic ratings 1990-2001

-edutainment (funny in the annivrsery issue they left this out...but i have the ice cube issue when they first started rating albums)
-people's instintive travels and the paths of rhythm
-amerikkka's most wanted
-let the rhythm hit em
-all for one
-de la soul is dead
-the low end theory
-life after death
-niggaz4life* (not reveiwed but in summer issue 92 they mentioned it as a 5mic classic)

-sex and violence
-buisiness as usual
-business never personal
-whut thee album
-breaking atoms
-death certifacate
-buhloone mindstate
-the chronic
-enter the 36 chambers
-ready to die
-the infamous
-only built 4 cuban links
-illadelph halflife
-hell on earth
-bow down
-i am
-murder muzick
-life story
-classic limited edition vol 1
-guerilla warfare
-in my lifetime vol.3
-la rock familia
-ecleftic:two sides to a story
-moment of truth
-supreame clientel
-last of a dying breed
-the truth

the gag mics-
fear of a black planet-@@@1/2
da shinin-@@@
the beatnuts-@@@1/2**
mos def and talib kweli are black star-@@@1/2
the love movement-@@@1/2
fantastic vol 2-@@@1/2

*-source never reviewed, but mentioned in summer issue that it was a 5 mic classic.

**-the only record to change a rating after printing. in the next issue they printed (in fine print that it was a @@@@ mic album)