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Topic subjectYo Yo Yo...what i said was...
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16624, Yo Yo Yo...what i said was...
Posted by guest, Wed May-09-01 04:31 AM
>Then i think Marley Marl and then.....James Poyser.

Marley Marl own album
James Poyser own album

>And the Jazzy Jeff record with Jill Scott, James Poyser, Pat Metheney, Roy Ayres & Premier.

Jazzy Jeff own album with Primo ONLY as guest.

Regarding Hi-Tek - i belive it when i got the album in my hand i.e how is one small company gonna market 10-12 Beat Generation albums!?!

Gamma Tek' is hidden knowledge in the
form of technology and science...
Information overload keeps you in denial!!!