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Topic subjectThat's a little bit shady....
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16622, That's a little bit shady....
Posted by guest, Wed May-09-01 01:38 AM
The next in line is "Funk Rock" compiled by DJ Spinna & Monty Burns and that is dropping in late May early June - but, i'm not sure if the are one of the Beat Generation series.....

King Britt has started on his Beat Generation and the guests
are...Schooly D, Breakstra and Cut Chemist.

Then i think Marley Marl and then.....James Poyser.

And the Jazzy Jeff record with Jill Scott, James Poyser, Pat Metheney, Roy Ayres & Premier.

The shady Part:
About ?uest's involment - i don't think that bbe has an signature from quest on paper so, let's dream on---->>>

Let's say that bbe is famous for NOT clearing all the stuff they used earlier on their compilations but we have to wait and see becouse quest himself is quiet as a mouse about this.........

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