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Topic subjectthe intro better.......
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16617, the intro better.......
Posted by fukmainstream, Sat May-05-01 03:08 PM
be scratch going "introdudicadica-ucing the rrrroooricrokarrroooootttsss"

or something to that extent

- Hectik One out the F.E.C

Fourth Element Crew comin' to a town near you

backpackers are people too - me

and now the artsy quote tha tmakes me sound smarter: "liberty is an absolute right because it is too man what impenetrability is to matter, a sine qua non of existence; equality is an absolute right because there is no society without equality; security is an absolute right becuase in the eyes of every man his own liberty and life are as precious as another's." - pierre joseph proudhon

now the silliness continues.....