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Topic subjectnothing new, but funny for a 5th album
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16613, nothing new, but funny for a 5th album
Posted by TotalRequestloveLive, Sat May-05-01 01:56 PM
Ari Ambrose
Introducing Ari Ambrose

Ben Aranov
Introducing Ben Aranov

Beau Brummels
Introducing The Beau Brummels

Paul Bley
Introducing Paul Bley

Introducing The Bristols

Kenny Burrell
Introducing Kenny Burrel Guitar

Jonathan Butler
Introducing Jonathan Butler

Introducing Cadallaca

Jimmy Cleveland
Introducing Jimmy Cleveland &

Collins Kids
Introducing Larry & Lorrie

Terence Trent D'arby
Introducing The Hardline Accor

Dena Derose
Introducing Dena Derose

Kenny Drew
Introducing The Kenny Drew Trio (Limited Edition)

Flat Duo Jets
Introducing The Flat Duo Jets

Michael Fredo
Introducing Michael Fredo

Kenny Garrett/Woody Shaw
Introducing Kenny Garrett

Gospel Songbirds
Introducing Gospel Songbirds

Jimmy Greene
Introducing Jimmy Greene

Jimmy Sextet Greene
Introducing Jimmy Greene

Johnny Griffin
Introducing Johnny Griffin

Elmo Hope
Introducing The Elmo Hope Trio (Limited Edition)

Introducing Imx

Introducing Dorothy Dandridge

Talib Kibwe
Introducing Talib Kibwe

Rahsaan Roland Kirk
Introducing Roland Kirk

Lee Scratch Perry
Introducing Myself

Introducing Maia

Marcheselli Produzioni
Introducing Mark & Sally

Memphis Willie B.
Introducing Memphis

Introducing The Minutemen

Lee Morgan
Introducing Lee Morgan

Introducing Mota

Roger Neumann & Rather Large Band
Introducing Roger Neumann's Rather Large Band

Opu 5
Introducing (New Sound Of Brazil)

David Osborne
Introducing David Osborne

Carl Perkins
Introducing Carl Perkins

Introducing The Pits

Doug Raney
Introducing Doug Raney

Roy Roberts
Introducing Roy Roberts

Jim Rotondi
Introducing Jim Rotondi

Jim Rotondi Quintet
Introducing Jim Rotondi

Angel Sessions
Introducing Angel Sessions

John Shaftman
Introducing A Bad Mutha ...

Kevin Sharpe
Introducing Kevin Sharp Pianist

John Swana Quintet
Introducing John Swana

Introducing TotalRequestloveLive