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Topic subjectI can't wait for this scenario...
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16602, I can't wait for this scenario...
Posted by thebigfunk, Fri May-04-01 03:46 AM
Some song from the new album catches on, it hits big on TRL and suddenly they're at number one, they're at Times Square, they're on the show.

Carson (in that slang-shift he does when he talks to hip hop artists): So yo Mr. ?uestlove, it's great to have you on the show, bro....

?uest (picking his fro): It's great to be here. Sorry the others couldn't make it, we drew straws for who would have to show up... so here I am.

Carson (chuckling): Hehe, drew straws! Did you really draw straws, cuz that seems like something you guys might do....

?uest (picking his fro): ........

Carson (nodding): Okay, so you're here promoting your group "The Roots" debut album, "Introducing The Roots." What was it like making your first record?

?uest (stops picking his fro): Debut album? I don't believe this... mufuckas just don't know...

Carson (getting kind of timid): Uh, I'm sorry....?

?uest (pulling out long sheet of paper from back pocket that never seems to end): You see this? This, mufucka, is every damn thing I've done since 1987. And if you scroll down to 'R' you'll find that The Roots have had, including our "From The Ground Up" release, six albums... add an EP on there, too, and that's seven discs. Introducing The Roots is our eighth... like Parade to Prince? Yeah, it's our eighth.

Carson (gazing at list): Wow, this is, uh, incredible... hey, I have a question - what exactly is a studio session?

?uest: .........

Carson: Okay, well, we have to go to the number one video, yo ?uestlove you wanna introduce your video bro?

?uest: This is from the eighth album! The eighth album, mufuckas, get your shit straight, the eight album, like that time on the unreleased Sly jam from 1975 where Larry Graham fell on his bass so Sly too over and he said "let's do it on the eight guys...." and he sang the word "eig---"

Cut to video.

Sorry, I'm bored.


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