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Topic subject"Introducing the Roots"....hmmm
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16585, "Introducing the Roots"....hmmm
Posted by DaHumanA8stract, Thu May-03-01 08:21 AM
?uestlove said that's the name of the new album due in mid 2002.....courtesy of MTV......whatcha'll think of that title?

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16586, Ummm.....
Posted by khimes, Thu May-03-01 08:37 AM
Since ?uestlove first mentioned that the Roots were wroking on a new album, that's the only title we've known. It's been a long time since "Introducing The Roots" was first spoken.

Carry on.

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16587, still here
Posted by qoolquest, Thu May-03-01 08:51 AM
introducing the roots.

there a problem?

the source mic ratings 1990-2001

-edutainment (funny in the annivrsery issue they left this out...but i have the ice cube issue when they first started rating albums)
-people's instintive travels and the paths of rhythm
-amerikkka's most wanted
-let the rhythm hit em
-all for one
-de la soul is dead
-the low end theory
-life after death
-niggaz4life* (not reveiwed but in summer issue 92 they mentioned it as a 5mic classic)

-sex and violence
-buisiness as usual
-business never personal
-whut thee album
-breaking atoms
-death certifacate
-buhloone mindstate
-the chronic
-enter the 36 chambers
-ready to die
-the infamous
-only built 4 cuban links
-illadelph halflife
-hell on earth
-bow down
-i am
-murder muzick
-life story
-classic limited edition vol 1
-guerilla warfare
-in my lifetime vol.3
-la rock familia
-ecleftic:two sides to a story
-moment of truth
-supreame clientel
-last of a dying breed
-the truth

the gag mics-
fear of a black planet-@@@1/2
da shinin-@@@
the beatnuts-@@@1/2**
mos def and talib kweli are black star-@@@1/2
the love movement-@@@1/2
fantastic vol 2-@@@1/2

*-source never reviewed, but mentioned in summer issue that it was a 5 mic classic.

**-the only record to change a rating after printing. in the next issue they printed (in fine print that it was a @@@@ mic album)

16588, RE: still here
Posted by consciousbri, Thu May-03-01 09:05 AM
Thoughts on the working title? I think it fits perfectly because with the commercial success they had with You got Me and the next movement, it was the first time a lot of people got to experience the roots sound. Now they got a lil buzz and anticipation for their next jawn because a lot more heads will be checkin for them. Thus, they need to introduce themselves....

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16589, RE: still here
Posted by DaHumanA8stract, Thu May-03-01 04:05 PM
nah I actually think its kinda cool......its making people aware of ya'll....any guests man??

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16590, how long do we...
Posted by roamr1, Fri May-04-01 06:30 AM
have to wait for the SOULPRANOS??!!! you gotta milk it while the show is still hot.

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16591, RE: still here
Posted by araQual, Wed May-09-01 10:52 PM
ur sig's too damn long.


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16592, i think it makes sense
Posted by atruhead, Thu May-03-01 04:12 PM
look at what every album up until "you got me" did. then came the grammy.

introducing the roots

simple aint it? but quite clever

I told my man a while ago (also a fan from some time ago), we just laughed at how ill it was
16593, im just getting that
Posted by Vivrant, Thu May-03-01 06:54 PM
damn...i didnt get it at first...for that reason alone i like it!

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16594, Yep that's what ?uest said when he announced the title...
Posted by Improv, Thu May-10-01 04:40 AM
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16595, I like the name
Posted by zero, Thu May-03-01 07:42 PM
a {re}introduction of the group...

and wasnt 'ITR' the first song on Organix?

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16596, it wasn't..
Posted by DaFlashman, Thu May-03-01 08:39 PM

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16597, I Likes!...
Posted by CCM, Fri May-04-01 02:44 AM
16598, RE: I Likes!...
Posted by guest, Thu May-10-01 03:51 AM
I like the whole idea with the album name cause it is like an intro to most heads hearing the roots cause no one heard of them sing "you got me" like you all meantioned but introducing the roots seems kinda blan......i know the jawn will be hot and all but introducing the roots.
Disagree all you want but i was thinking something like "Up Next" or "Here We Are" i don't knwo cause i just stared thinking about it while reading this post.... hot album it will be none the less


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16599, dang
Posted by zero, Sat May-05-01 02:02 PM
coulda sworn I saw it was ITR somewhere...

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16600, RE: dang
Posted by d_dog, Tue May-08-01 10:54 AM
it's the last line he says on the first song of Organix.

"Introducing...the Roots, y'all"


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16601, ah ha!
Posted by zero, Wed May-09-01 08:07 PM
That was it! I dont have a copy of Organix, but my friend does and after hearing the title of the next LP was 'ITR,' I listened to Organix...and he said 'Introducing...the roots.' crazy shit

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16602, I can't wait for this scenario...
Posted by thebigfunk, Fri May-04-01 03:46 AM
Some song from the new album catches on, it hits big on TRL and suddenly they're at number one, they're at Times Square, they're on the show.

Carson (in that slang-shift he does when he talks to hip hop artists): So yo Mr. ?uestlove, it's great to have you on the show, bro....

?uest (picking his fro): It's great to be here. Sorry the others couldn't make it, we drew straws for who would have to show up... so here I am.

Carson (chuckling): Hehe, drew straws! Did you really draw straws, cuz that seems like something you guys might do....

?uest (picking his fro): ........

Carson (nodding): Okay, so you're here promoting your group "The Roots" debut album, "Introducing The Roots." What was it like making your first record?

?uest (stops picking his fro): Debut album? I don't believe this... mufuckas just don't know...

Carson (getting kind of timid): Uh, I'm sorry....?

?uest (pulling out long sheet of paper from back pocket that never seems to end): You see this? This, mufucka, is every damn thing I've done since 1987. And if you scroll down to 'R' you'll find that The Roots have had, including our "From The Ground Up" release, six albums... add an EP on there, too, and that's seven discs. Introducing The Roots is our eighth... like Parade to Prince? Yeah, it's our eighth.

Carson (gazing at list): Wow, this is, uh, incredible... hey, I have a question - what exactly is a studio session?

?uest: .........

Carson: Okay, well, we have to go to the number one video, yo ?uestlove you wanna introduce your video bro?

?uest: This is from the eighth album! The eighth album, mufuckas, get your shit straight, the eight album, like that time on the unreleased Sly jam from 1975 where Larry Graham fell on his bass so Sly too over and he said "let's do it on the eight guys...." and he sang the word "eig---"

Cut to video.

Sorry, I'm bored.


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16603, RE: I can't wait for this scenario...
Posted by Hiquanji, Fri May-04-01 05:56 AM
youve got the carson impression down dude. he annoys the hell outta me when he switches into "homeboy" mode. well shit, he annoys the hell outta me mosta the time anyways, but especially then.

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16604, Carson on South Park
Posted by DaFlashman, Sun May-06-01 05:52 PM
If you've seen the first "Timmy" episode ever made there is
one hilarious segment where they have an MTV News break on TV
and a mock-Carson is saying something like "I'm the oldest
f*cking person at this network. Why am I still doing this sh*t?"
It was even more funny to see them mock MTV in general though
with quips like "MTV.. the network that tells YOU what's cool."

Peace, Flash

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16605, Carson?
Posted by Donn L, Mon May-07-01 12:39 PM
That wasnt Carson, it was that old guy that does the MTV news segments and does interviews. Damn, I cant think of his name but it wasnt Carson.

Oh well, another wasted post. Peace
16606, kurt loder.
Posted by squeeg, Tue May-08-01 03:40 PM

16607, Oh yeah! My bad.
Posted by DaFlashman, Wed May-09-01 06:49 PM
Sorry, that's who it was. My apologies.
(I guess I don't watch enuff eMpTyV.)

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16608, snl impression...
Posted by DROots, Thu May-10-01 10:33 AM
with jimmy fallon is hilarious. At the end of the skit he's always says in a bland voice, "i'm carson daly, and i'm a major tool." or "i'm carson daly, and i wear these glasses because they make me look smart." carson is such a geek
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16609, that was so dope
Posted by daveyg, Thu May-10-01 06:10 AM
i can totally feel the love in the studio today.
gotta give ya props though.
(trust me i hate it too)

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16610, thinking the same thing
Posted by Brandard, Fri May-04-01 06:56 AM
they are going to have so much fun with this
16611, RE: I can't wait for this scenario...
Posted by shwin, Sat May-05-01 03:24 PM
yo if u wanna see carson's african id in action, check ut when he talks to Nelly during the show of the 25 most important ppl under 25. funny shit i tell ya'. if i was doozin tara reid thoug, i might be a little out of my head sometimes too
16612, HaHaHa.
Posted by LeroyBumpkin, Sun May-06-01 06:21 AM
>?uest (picking his fro): It's great
>to be here. Sorry
>the others couldn't make it,
>we drew straws for who
>would have to show up...
>so here I am.

Ha ha ha ha...that's funny.

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16613, nothing new, but funny for a 5th album
Posted by TotalRequestloveLive, Sat May-05-01 01:56 PM
Ari Ambrose
Introducing Ari Ambrose

Ben Aranov
Introducing Ben Aranov

Beau Brummels
Introducing The Beau Brummels

Paul Bley
Introducing Paul Bley

Introducing The Bristols

Kenny Burrell
Introducing Kenny Burrel Guitar

Jonathan Butler
Introducing Jonathan Butler

Introducing Cadallaca

Jimmy Cleveland
Introducing Jimmy Cleveland &

Collins Kids
Introducing Larry & Lorrie

Terence Trent D'arby
Introducing The Hardline Accor

Dena Derose
Introducing Dena Derose

Kenny Drew
Introducing The Kenny Drew Trio (Limited Edition)

Flat Duo Jets
Introducing The Flat Duo Jets

Michael Fredo
Introducing Michael Fredo

Kenny Garrett/Woody Shaw
Introducing Kenny Garrett

Gospel Songbirds
Introducing Gospel Songbirds

Jimmy Greene
Introducing Jimmy Greene

Jimmy Sextet Greene
Introducing Jimmy Greene

Johnny Griffin
Introducing Johnny Griffin

Elmo Hope
Introducing The Elmo Hope Trio (Limited Edition)

Introducing Imx

Introducing Dorothy Dandridge

Talib Kibwe
Introducing Talib Kibwe

Rahsaan Roland Kirk
Introducing Roland Kirk

Lee Scratch Perry
Introducing Myself

Introducing Maia

Marcheselli Produzioni
Introducing Mark & Sally

Memphis Willie B.
Introducing Memphis

Introducing The Minutemen

Lee Morgan
Introducing Lee Morgan

Introducing Mota

Roger Neumann & Rather Large Band
Introducing Roger Neumann's Rather Large Band

Opu 5
Introducing (New Sound Of Brazil)

David Osborne
Introducing David Osborne

Carl Perkins
Introducing Carl Perkins

Introducing The Pits

Doug Raney
Introducing Doug Raney

Roy Roberts
Introducing Roy Roberts

Jim Rotondi
Introducing Jim Rotondi

Jim Rotondi Quintet
Introducing Jim Rotondi

Angel Sessions
Introducing Angel Sessions

John Shaftman
Introducing A Bad Mutha ...

Kevin Sharpe
Introducing Kevin Sharp Pianist

John Swana Quintet
Introducing John Swana

Introducing TotalRequestloveLive

16614, ?
Posted by illnes, Sat May-05-01 02:27 PM
what fe thuck? Too much time on ur hands man...

What number album was Parade for Prince? For You, Prince, Dirty Mind, Controversy, 1999, Purple Rain, ATWIAD, Parade, right? So 8? Hey, it is 8. K then.

p.s. J-Live's the man. If only i could remember the rhyme i just heard that made me think so.
16615, cdnow.com + cut and paste
Posted by TotalRequestloveLive, Tue May-08-01 10:02 AM
now, jeflee would need that shit
16616, RE: nothing new, but funny for a 5th album
Posted by guest, Sun May-06-01 06:08 AM
once again... the roots spark some commentary on their work w/ some humor. I was thinking the same thing myself... but thats not the point... what what makes this so effective is the
".... ummmm" that comes after that. Its almost as if to say (for those of us who know) "hold up introducin? ... what?" (and for those who don't know: "?????????????")

16617, the intro better.......
Posted by fukmainstream, Sat May-05-01 03:08 PM
be scratch going "introdudicadica-ucing the rrrroooricrokarrroooootttsss"

or something to that extent

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now the silliness continues.....

16618, the intro is Ursual rucker's jawn...
Posted by thebiach, Sun May-06-01 01:09 AM
...shes opening this album instead of closing it...dope shit


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16619, better not sound like Nastradamous
Posted by TotalRequestloveLive, Wed May-09-01 04:34 PM
and I said that the first time I heard that idea