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Topic subject?uestlove article in Inquirer Magazine
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16563, ?uestlove article in Inquirer Magazine
Posted by MicheleQJ, Sat May-05-01 07:27 PM
real nice article on our favorite cult-leader in this Sunday's Inquirer Magazine (Philly paper, not the tabloid Enq..)

hasn't been put up yet on their website though

but philly players can check for that
16564, RE: Was it about........
Posted by viagramakesmeimpotent, Sun May-06-01 08:03 AM
Our fearless group Screamin my name in anger to start off their show?

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16565, RE: ?uestlove article in Inquirer Magazine
Posted by guest, Sun May-06-01 10:12 AM
Its a hella-good article. Really captures ?uest in a good light. They should make a book and a tv-movie about him. Its aboutt ime Inquirer magazine covered someone other than some transported Israeli flutist or a brazilian dancer for once.
16566, RE: ?uestlove article in Inquirer Magazine
Posted by Mpozi, Sun May-06-01 01:27 PM


and btw, dont hate on the Inquirer, Tom Moon has been one of the most ardent Roots supporters in the world- from the word go!

i remember runnning prints from the DYWM sessions to him for reviews, and commentary's...

jes a litte history...

PoZi (;=
16567, good article
Posted by zero, Sun May-06-01 02:01 PM
Now, I wanna see ?uest tapdance...

insightful stuff

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16568, The Bone?
Posted by Brandard, Sun May-06-01 02:51 PM
awhile back in the updates ?uest was talking about a 'bone wanting to hook him up

"He has even helped the new project from smooth-jazz veteran Boney James"

was this what he was talking about??

but wow great article, thanks for the hook up mpozi
Posted by khimes, Sun May-06-01 02:02 PM
Beautiful article! And I thought reading about D'Angelo was good. I tried to just skim it, but I couldn't. I'll have to print this and add it to my collection. Thanks to Mpozi for posting the link.

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Posted by Mpozi, Sun May-06-01 02:14 PM

thanks to quest for being articulate and giving the average sunday reader article a sense of personal history about hip hop...

PoZi (;=
16571, nice picture
Posted by AbdulJaleel, Sun May-06-01 02:34 PM
like he can really play pool, bwhahahahaha!



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16572, dope article
Posted by Mosaic, Sun May-06-01 03:13 PM
sidenote: ?ueazy's gotta write a book one day...or a bunch of 'em -- and not just in liner note form (yomp!).

: this is a rectangle of some sort :
16573, cosign!!!cosign!!!!!!!cosign!!!!!!!!!!cosign!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Brandard, Mon May-07-01 02:01 AM
we really need some more literature on hip hop and i think qool quest is the one to do it.
16574, great article- thank you
Posted by shockzilla, Sun May-06-01 09:45 PM
probably the best article i've read on ?uestlove. maybe media ish like that should be archived on THIS site.

and just to co-sign with the mighty mosaic's suggestion re: a ?uestlove book-- hell, yes. i've just about read all the Root's liner notes to death now, a book would be great. (know the guy is busy, but he IS good at that whole multi-tasking thing. said so in the Inquirer, no less.)

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16575, good at videogames??
Posted by SPEC, Mon May-07-01 05:24 AM
bullshit... utter bull ca ca

nice peice tho
16576, good at "cheating" at them..,...i'm sure
Posted by fire, Mon May-07-01 05:28 AM

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16577, BBE.
Posted by LeroyBumpkin, Mon May-07-01 05:31 AM
Tap dancing? Ya know I had to ask. But that was a great article. I loved how it ended...the continuing circle of music, and how it flows. From Wonder to Thompson to (?). When I heard of the BBE series and the producers that were going to be included, I knew what some of them were going to sound like. For example, I kinda had an idea of what Jay Dee and Pete Rock were going to sound like. I kinda have an idea of what James Poyser is going to sound like. Now ?uest? I don't know...I'm just really excited about what he's going to bring to the table. R&B Soul? Hip-Hop? Jazz? Funk? What?

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16579, amazing article
Posted by UrbanCowgRRL, Mon May-07-01 06:05 AM
Much love,

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16580, most i've ever learned about him
Posted by DROots, Mon May-07-01 06:26 AM
i love it when articles come out like that. O, btw, if this was printed on sunday, this obviously is the newest news on thoughts album, and did u c that it said june for release date? do u believe it? cause, we've all heard it's sept. but do u think it could be june?
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16581, REally good article!! N/M
Posted by Steve, Mon May-07-01 07:11 AM
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16582, thanks for posting this
Posted by thebigfunk, Mon May-07-01 10:12 AM
Best article I've read so far on ?uest! Tapdancing? Very, very cool...


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16583, I like the 'perfect pitch' part
Posted by guest, Fri May-11-01 04:20 PM
I've played the piano since I was five and I was always jealous of those kids who had perfect pitch. It's not surprising with all the things he's accomplished that ?uest has such a gift. What's even worse are those kids who had pp and didn't give a shit about music. Glad to see ?uest did something with his. I kinda see it like Allen Iverson's quickness - it's one of those things that only God can give you.


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16584, dope article...
Posted by RamXL, Fri May-11-01 04:42 PM
and is it me, or does quest look like he's lost mad weight?!?
i swear homeboy is gonna be a stick soon...lol..keep on man