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Topic subjectyou are correct...
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16556, you are correct...
Posted by Quez, Sat May-12-01 08:27 AM
whateva you said...

Squeamish kids, yall get the eff outta this post (c) Jay-Z


Sheldon Mar"Quez" Rankin
homepage: http://www.Quez.Bored.org

"Put that Spring Water down man, you aint sweatin
You motherfuckers did a 10 minute weak show and you jettin" --- Kool Keith

"Kneel down, I'll make a nigga like you call me Big Earnest" --- Kool Keith

"A big dissapointment when I rub your asshole with a verbal ointment" --- Kool Keith

"I wasnt proud of it but I was a child... FUCK IT" --- Jay-Z

"Muthafucka, I pull your face off...
bout to show you what the fuck you look like" --- Kool Keith