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Topic subjectThe Roots look.......cheesy
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16482, The Roots look.......cheesy
Posted by Afroteck, Sat May-12-01 09:42 AM
At the risk of sounding ignorant....

I was lookin through my cd collection today and came to a conclusion: The Roots look cheesy. On DYWM and Illadelph's cover, they so cheap. If I were to pre-judge the quality of music by the quality of the cover art, I'd expect these to be crap. But they aren't, and I believe that music of this caliber deserves a more interesting packaging.
Basically what I'm saying is on the next album, let's try to get a better cover than just everybody stnding on the corner with BT's bad ass in a b-boy stance.

The TFA covers were a great idea.


Afroteck a.k.a. Soap

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