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Topic subjectThe Roots look.......cheesy
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16482, The Roots look.......cheesy
Posted by Afroteck, Sat May-12-01 09:42 AM
At the risk of sounding ignorant....

I was lookin through my cd collection today and came to a conclusion: The Roots look cheesy. On DYWM and Illadelph's cover, they so cheap. If I were to pre-judge the quality of music by the quality of the cover art, I'd expect these to be crap. But they aren't, and I believe that music of this caliber deserves a more interesting packaging.
Basically what I'm saying is on the next album, let's try to get a better cover than just everybody stnding on the corner with BT's bad ass in a b-boy stance.

The TFA covers were a great idea.


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16483, RE: The Roots look.......cheesy
Posted by guest, Sat May-12-01 10:34 AM
wonder what mpozi thinks of this...
16484, RE: The Roots look.......cheesy
Posted by Mpozi, Sat May-12-01 12:22 PM


actually, i didn't shoot the cpver of DYWM... just the back cover (you know the non-cheesy shot of them playing- plug, plug...)

in the defense of the crew, there's only so much you can say about the art for your first album... for real... and there is also only so much you can do to put your friends on once a project is out of direct local control...

so i'm grateful that i had the opportunity to get some images onto the album at all. not shooting the front, while dissapointing initially has receded as the worthyness of the album as a whole is finally being realised...

my only regret is not getting a photo credit on from the ground up...but thats not really anybody's fault... the designer didn't get one either, so it seems like more of a general oversight than an intentional slight...

so yo, imagine dywm as a high school yearbook photo (which considering how young we all were at the time isnt too far form the truth)...

and the cats dont look so silly after all?

PoZi (;=

16485, RE: The Roots look.......cheesy
Posted by rawlakid, Sat May-12-01 10:54 AM
uhhm,,, th e covers are o.k. they are not great,, but they are not bad,, welll its cool though


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16486, RE: The Roots look.......cheesy
Posted by JNOTA, Sat May-12-01 12:41 PM
I disagree, I like the Blue Note records style DYWM cover and i see nothing wrong with the illadelph cover. If anything, the roots look "mean" on the illadelph cover.
not to attack you but the word "cheesy" is... well, cheesy.


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16487, RE: The Roots look.......cheesy
Posted by RiG Money, Sat May-12-01 12:46 PM
I think they're fine but even if they are cheesy then the covers for TFA and Come Alive have been totally diff

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16488, RE: The Roots look.......cheesy
Posted by Mpozi, Sat May-12-01 01:07 PM
i dig the blue note vibe definently!
i wasn't tryin to dis the format...

i'm a big proponent of ambient light B&W photography...

PoZi (;=
16489, RE: The Roots look.......cheesy
Posted by Afroteck, Sat May-12-01 05:44 PM
>word "cheesy" is... well, cheesy.

Which is the exact reason why I chose the word.

And I didn't mean to offend you, Mpozi, I was just making a suggestion for the next cover. Just you know,
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16490, RE: The Roots look.......cheesy
Posted by Mpozi, Sun May-13-01 12:01 PM

i'm not offended... it's just fun tryin ot sort something out in your mind almost 10 years after the fact...

plus it's fun remembering what i s was like to be in you early 20's when your close to you early 30's...

dig... when we started doing all those pics and stuff, the world wide web was the huge thing my the spider spun over my bed...
i was living in south philly, printing the images in a darkroom with a window so small, the air conditioner i used to keep my chemicals cool wouldn't fit... so there was a constant danger of getting crazy sick from oxygen deprivation (one of the WORSE headaches known to man)... then, my hair dryer i used to dry the prints melted from over use, and a roomate wiped out an entire days work by turning of the print washer ( a hose and tray) before all the fixer was off- so everything turned purple...

all of this on nearly 0 calories per day...

sort of the photographic version of the broke diaries...

i am SO trying to find these images of angiee when she lived in student housing...

PoZi (;=
16491, shut up
Posted by UrbanCowgRRL, Sat May-12-01 10:03 PM
Much love,

go vote for me, cause i'm extreme and deserve to be on TV..oh yeah, and i'll buy tara something too :7


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16492, at one point...
Posted by zero, Sun May-13-01 03:12 PM
I thought so

but not anymore! TFA's liner notes were neato

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16493, I like them both...
Posted by TotalRequestloveLive, Sun May-13-01 03:29 PM
always have. Especially DYWM
16494, for the next album
Posted by synonomous, Sun May-13-01 06:45 PM
they should rent some bmw's and a lot of jewelry, and then take the picture, and make it look like they are standin in a room full of cash on the computer, make the jewelry look extra shinny, and just type bling bling!! a couple of times, thatll be ill...... ok, maybe not

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