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Topic subjectHell naw....
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16473, Hell naw....
Posted by guest, Wed May-09-01 05:57 PM
We were at the DC concert. I'ma Jill fan, my boo's a Sting nut. I was pissed the f*ck off when she wasn't there. I was that Oxen Hill bytch lookin' for my money, and it pisses me off that Jill is getting this Hallmark card treatment. She's toured before, Wasn't she in some musicals? WTF? See, ya'll don't know how hard it is to find a sitter for twins in DC! Ms. Scott, we crank your music like it's going out of style, please stop ruining me and my man's nights out. They happen to be fewer and fewer now that the twerps (twins) have come on the scene.