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Topic subjectGet Jilly some Tussin
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16462, Get Jilly some Tussin
Posted by Ray_Snill, Mon May-07-01 09:39 AM
May is Prince month eh

Oh We Sha Sha Coo Coo yeah/All the HIPPIES sing together - Let's Pretend We're Married

Money don't matter tonight/sure didn't matter yesterday/just when you think you got more than enough/that's when it all up and flies away/that's when you find out that you're better off/making sure your soul's alright/cuz money didn't matter yesterday/and it sure don't matter tonight - Money Don't Matter

what if i called you silly things/just like the ones that you call me/what if i filled your eyes with tears/so many that you cannot see - Billy Jack Bitch

why can't i fly away/in a special sky/if i don't find my destiny soon/i'll die in your arms - Under The Cherry Moon

i'll give my love i'll give my life i'll give my body and my mind/we were inseperable i guess i gave you all of my time/and now you plead insanity and you don't even know the score/why can't you learn to play the game baby don't you know that you need more - Anotherloverholeinyourhead

all your lovers they look just like you/but they can never do/the things that i'll do/so come on baby and take me by the hand/i'm gonna show what it's like to be loved by a man - Bambi

i guess you know me well/i don't like winter/but i seem to get a kick out of doing you cold/oh what the hell/you always surrender/what's this stranger relationship we hold onto/baby i just can't stand to see you happy/but more than that/ i hate to see you sad/honey if you let me i just might do something rash/what's this stranger relationship -Strange Relationship

Everybody's looking 4 the ladder/everybody wants salvation of the soul/the steps you take are no easy road/but the reward is great for those who want 2 go - The Ladder

Oh my God there i go/falling in love with a face in a magazine/all alone by myself/ me and i play my tamborine - Tamborine

Look out for number 1 but don't step in number 2, you hippies!!