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Topic subjectUmm... What she said!!
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16453, Umm... What she said!!
Posted by MellofromGI, Thu May-10-01 02:42 AM
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Pimp Hard, Pimp Harder
-Eightball & MJG

We stay on point like Stacey Adams
-Snoop Dizzel

I don't know why the fuck I'm fuckin with chu
-Slum Village

Wassup wit tha threescrew?
-Jay Dee

Knew the toll, but I would not pay
- E. Badu

Heavy Rotation--
A Grain of Wheat, NGUGI WA THIONG'O
The Broke Diaries, Fine ass Angie

Ginuwine- The Life
The Roots- Do You Want More ?!!!??!
2PAC Until the End of Time
R. Kelly - TP2.com (Still Tight!)
Binary Star - Random Napster Shit (I need one of their Cds baaaaad!!! Help me out y'all)

|Song of the moment|:
Lil John & tha East Side Boyz: Bia Bia (remix)

|Movie of the moment|:
Finding Forrester (I can relate.)