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Topic subjectJill Scott falls ill prior to Sting tour
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16446, Jill Scott falls ill prior to Sting tour
Posted by hidden_beach, Mon May-07-01 03:49 AM
Grammy Nominated Singer Forced To Miss Opening Dates of Sting Tour Due To

Philadelphia...Hidden Beach recording artist Jill Scott was hospitalized
this past weekend in Philadelphia with a lung infection. After several
grueling months of promotional dates and concert performances, Scott fell
ill on May 5th, forcing the organic soul singer to miss the first two dates
of the Sting tour. Scott, whose debut album, Who Is Jill Scott? Words and
Sounds Vol. 1, has reached platinum status, was recently booked as an
opening act for Sting's North American tour. The tour kicked off on May
5th in Washington, DC.

Scott deeply regrets letting down her ever-increasing and loyal fans in DC,
a market that has supported her since her debut. But Scott will be able to
resume the tour, according to her physicians. While there has been no
determination as to when Scott will be released from the hospital, doctors
expect her to fully recover.

With the release of Who Is Jill Scott?, the singer's soulful sound has been
embraced by a broad fan base, building up from underground music lovers to
pop fans. In fact, People Magazine has just named Scott as one of this
year's "50 Most Beautiful People."

The Sting tour is scheduled to continue until May 26th. And you can expect
to catch a healthy Jill Scott in a market near you soon.

for more information please visit www.hiddenbeach.com