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Topic subjectRE: It's up there in the top 20 fo' sho'
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16347, RE: It's up there in the top 20 fo' sho'
Posted by guest, Thu May-17-01 01:28 AM
Hmmm, well... DYWM will always be one of my favorite albums ever, but I must say I also found renewed appreciation of IHL, which happened... either this week or last week, I guess.

The problem with IHL before was that I had bought it together with DYWM and always when I buy two albums at the same time, one of them (the one that sounds best at first listen(s)) always gets a lot of play, while the other remains in the shade...

Now my opinion is that it is pointless to argue which album is better, because they're so different. If you like the DYWM style better, you will like that album more than IHL and vice versa.

Another way to approach it is from a technical viewpoint. At the time I bought both albums, I was more into rhyming. Now I've been exploring beatcreating quite a lot as well. And from a HipHop point of view, IHL is better on the technical tip, no doubt. DYWM had a band playing, IHL had a band using what they play in a similar way as HipHop uses samples. When I listen to IHL now, I hear subtle things in those beats that just tickle my ear.

However it may be, all I know is that if this summer will be a hot one, I'll be very glad to have DYWM in my collection. If this summer will suck, I'll be bumping a lot more of IHL... which kind of illustrates the point of the original post... Hmmm.

To cut a long story short (cause I'm due for class in five min.) there is no point in doing IHL vs DYWM debates. It's better to find the good points of both records. And as a closing comment I would like to say that it would be a shame if the Roots would totally abandon the DYWM-style, cause that would leave us with very few acts flipping it the way they did on the album.

I don't make sense cause I'm Belgian,

DVL aka the long lost WUZ