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Topic subjectIt's up there in the top 20 fo' sho'
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16346, It's up there in the top 20 fo' sho'
Posted by DaFlashman, Mon May-14-01 08:14 PM
The first time I bought it I was mad that it didn't sound
like DYWM?!!??! but the longer that I owned it the more it
started to creep up on me and demand more and more repeats.
I think I already stated in another "Artist" thread that my
all time favorite instrumental on any 12" is my copy of
"Concerto of the Desperado." I like to just turn all the
lights off, block all the windows, make it completely dark,
then drop the needle on that shit and just lay there in the
blackness listening to it. Man, that's better than any high
or drug or acid trip that I could ever imagine even trying.

"Besides, what is beer but steak in a glass?"
--> shockzilla(OK)
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