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Topic subjectRE: illadelphalflife is haunted!
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16342, RE: illadelphalflife is haunted!
Posted by guest, Thu May-10-01 03:45 PM
I agree to a degree
you see the roots
can write about anything
even your u or me
i feel that there the key.
they open up this universe
like a patient loves a nurse.
eat a fuckin purse,
kill Fred durst,
if u think my style is wack
take two steps back!!!!

Illadelph halflife is definitly some grimy depresing shit if your in that kinnda mood. Not all the joints are like that tho. I can listen to the whole album at one sitting witch says alot compared to most of the albums put out these days....
Clones and Push up ya lighta are probably some of my favorite roots joints.

p.s. I'm a hack M.C. :D think i'll stick to scratch djing, lol