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Topic subjectRE: bring back no I.D.!!!!
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16334, RE: bring back no I.D.!!!!
Posted by Kaorazen Obsidian Mojo, Wed May-16-01 12:29 PM
Even though I preferred NO I.D.'s production over Jay Dee's, I think with the success that Common had on LWFC, he's not going to go backwards and I can do nothing but respect that. And I seriously feel that One Day should have gone gold. Why "Retrospect For Life" didn't blow him up just boggles the fuck outta my mind. The next choices for singles were mistakes I believe. "Remindin' Me of Sef" kinda alienated me at first. And even though I loved Hungry and Invocation, whoever decided that should be the last video from the CD made a very huge mistake. I think a stolen Moments video combining the 3 parts woul have been dope. Even G.O.D. or All Night Long would have made better choices.

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Iím tired of haviní to drag myself up outta bed before Iím fully rested
Born in slums that were infested, everyday Iím beiní tested
The bullshitís the worldís feediní me is not easily digested
They tell me to keep hope alive, but Iím not really interested
ĎCuz Iím tired of watchiní all my dreams go up in smoke
Iím tired of breakiní my back every day, and still beiní broke
Lifeís a fuckiní joke, Iím stuck between a rock and a hard place
Tryiní to live by the ways of the world, and still remain in Godís grace
The worldís a dark place, I was told that the sun would shine forever
But itís like me and my wife never get a chance to spend any time together
And itís teariní apart my heart, Iím tryiní to chart my lifeís timetable
But itís a rare occasion when Iím able to keep my mind stable
Itís like my spirit canít be free, if I abide by all these policies
I came from poverty, so Iíve always dreamed of a life of a better quality
But Iíll probably end up gettingí stabbed in the back wití a sharp dagger
I know the futureís there, but it canít be seen like dark matter
So why, does it always feel
Like my chances for success ainít real
This cold world sends multiple chills, down my spine
These negative thoughts have bounced around my mind, like a thousand times
My legs about to give out tryiní to live out my final fantasy
How can it be, that Iím half the man that I never got a chance to be
Financially, dollars ainít makiní no sense, itís intense
As the world clashes, my soul burns down to ashes like incense
Iím tryiní to leave my imprints on the face of the earth
But wití all the strife, it feels like my life was wasted at birth
Face in the dirt, got me thinkiní, why the fuck do I even bother
Donít know how I learned to be a man, Ďcuz I ainít never had a father
And it gets harder, tryiní to go on every day wití the stress
They tell me to lay them thoughts to rest, becuz they say Iíve been blessed
My heartís meltiní away in my chest, and occasionally, Iíll notice a gray hair
Itís like the world is trapped in darkness, and I really donít wanna stay there
But itís kinda hard to win at the game of life, if you play fair
And I really canít explain it to my family, even though I know that they care
The lightís at the end of the tunnel, Iím tryiní to make my way there
The lightís a long fuckiní way from me, but Iím tryiní to make my way there

As I
Look on my life
I sure do hope in time
That Iíll have my day
In the sun