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16320, you're not in the industry
Posted by spirit, Wed May-16-01 06:00 AM
>For real 670,000 is a big

You're not in the industry, are you?

Name 15 hip-hop albums that sold 670,000 units in 2000.

Do you have any idea how many hip-hop albums were released in 2000?

Do you realize that LWFC sold far more than any previous Common album?

So, how on earth was it a disappointment, being by far the best selling album of his career?

> Think Jill Scott's
>joint went platinum without the
>benefit of a single that
>did as well as "The

Wrong. I heard Jill Scott on the radio MUCH more than Common. Did Com perform at The Grammies? Jill did (with Moby, right?). Is Common going on an arena tour with Sting? Jill is. Did I not see "Gettin In The Way" every 30 minutes on MTV2 (and that is NOT an exagerration).

> MCA dropped the
>ball by waiting too long
>to follow up "The Light"
>with another single


Do you realize how many hip-hop projects don't even see the release of a second single? Besides, radio is notoriously closed right now. It takes a lot to get them to add the first single, let alone the second single.

Again, you aren't in the industry, are you?

> and then
>releasing that bullshit, happy ass
>GETO Heaven Re-mix featuring Macy
>Gray. Obviously that was
>an attempt to appeal to
>the MTV crossover audience, but
>the heads, and radio didn't
>give a damn about it.

Well, this is a tricky business. Like I said, radio playlists aren't known for their flexibility, particularly urban radio.

>Going gold means nothing these days,

You really aren't in the industry.

>Comm went gold off the
>strength of "The Light", period,
>MCA should have came with
>the fire after that.

And the record label you work for is...?

>Bottomline, Com should have been platinum.

Besides Xzibit, I can't think of a hip-hop artist that had previous albums not even go gold, then hit platinum mid-career. And that's only because Dre scooped up Xzibit (giving him the mainstream seal of approval). Rapping with Snoop on a radio hit, sure didn't hurt (B Please).

>But him going gold simply
>means that he probably won't
>get dropped from the label,
>and we can expect another
>album in the near future.

You know how many people repeatedly do not go gold who are still signed? Beatnuts come to mind immediately.

> Don't expect platinum though,
>judging by the success (or
>lack thereof) of "Things Fall
>Apart", it's obvious that MCA
>has no clue how to
>promote progressive hip-hop.

After giving Com and The Roots' their first gold albums, I have to violently disagree with you.

Who DOES know how to promote progressive hip-hop? Talib Kweli and Pharoah aren't gold yet, are you cursing the name of Rawkus?

Thoughtfully yours,

Spirit Equality


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I walk the fine line
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I never thought about the dough when I'm designing my rhyme
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It ain't about that
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From Heaven I was sent to the game to entertain
I may never pimp that '75 ta cop that blue Range Rover
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