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Topic subjectRE: Com sells 670,000
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16303, RE: Com sells 670,000
Posted by SirLau, Tue May-15-01 11:51 AM
For real 670,000 is a big disappointment. Think Jill Scott's joint went platinum without the benefit of a single that did as well as "The Light". MCA dropped the ball by waiting too long to follow up "The Light" with another single, and then releasing that bullshit, happy ass GETO Heaven Re-mix featuring Macy Gray. Obviously that was an attempt to appeal to the MTV crossover audience, but the heads, and radio didn't give a damn about it.

Going gold means nothing these days, Comm went gold off the strength of "The Light", period, MCA should have came with the fire after that. Also how come Com couldn't see that the re-mix to GETO Heaven was straight wack!!! It was one of my favorites on the albums, now everytime the BS comes on the VH1 Soul Channel, I turn.

Bottomline, Com should have been platinum. But him going gold simply means that he probably won't get dropped from the label, and we can expect another album in the near future. Don't expect platinum though, judging by the success (or lack thereof) of "Things Fall Apart", it's obvious that MCA has no clue how to promote progressive hip-hop.