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16086, 10 Album Challenge
Posted by Approaching, Wed May-16-01 08:57 AM
First of all, let me say that I loooooooove Voodoo. In many many ways, and more than every album on this list. More than every Prince album, and I loooooooooove Prince too.

But I want to take a stab at ?uest's challenge to "name 10 albums that sound like Voodoo"

in no particular order:

Prince- Dirty Mind
Prince- The Black Album
Sly and The Family Stone- There's A Riot Goin On
Steve Wonder- Talking Book
Funkadelic- Maggot Brain
Tricky- Angels With Dirty Faces
PJ Harvey- To Bring You My Love
MeShell Ndegeocello- Bitter
Ohio Players- Fire
Slum Village- Fantastic Volume 2
Leon Parker- Awakening
The Meters- Struttin

that's as close as I can get, and that's not really that close.

I tried, though...

Not bad company...

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