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Posted by j_bhadra, Mon May-14-01 07:36 AM
I'm sorry but D'angelo's live show sounds and looks very, very similar to Prince's 86 Parade shows. Coincidence? i think not.

Prince came out of left field when he first broke out on the scene. I could hear somebody saying that Prince looked very similar to Sly Stone. NOw, that I could agree with. Any comparisons to Marvin Gaye is silly. I don't know how where some people get this from.

However, I think what we speak about on these boards is completely irrelevant. The only topic that has any merit will be regarding the quality of the work these artists put out.

Damn, I love every minute of D'angelo's first record. It is absolutely beautiful. I love every song on that record. But Voodoo, his much anticipated sophmore record sucked! Plain and simple. Like Prince, his ground breaking demo like songs were unpolished. But the difference between Dirty Mind and Voodoo is that Dirty Mind had some amazing songs on it. Example: Uptown, Head, When U WERe Mine. Voodoo is not at all memorable.

Give it a rest. D'angelo ain't the one. He ain't next in line. He's alright... excellent cover artist: Feel Like Makin Love, Cruisin and She's Always in My Hair. But nothing original. His sound is so bland. Nothing that says "Whoa! That was awesome!"

I'd like to hear D'angelo cover U Make My Sunshine though. That would be neat. The song sounds so much like a song that could've been on the VOodoo record. One thing though. It such a better song than anything on that Voodoo record.

When I bought Voodoo, I was hoping D'angelo would answer the call. Prince is still amazing. He writes excellent songs but his sound is weak. I liked the realness of D'angelo's music. I mean the production on the record reminded me of how real music sounds. But his ideas, songs, really blow.

My dream is this: Prince write the music, D'angelo records the music using the same instruments and recording equipment he used for Voodoo and Terence Trent D'arby writes the lyrics. Now that would be bliss to my ears!!!!