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Topic subjectRE: Area One Detroit
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16036, RE: Area One Detroit
Posted by worldwise, Wed May-30-01 11:55 AM
>Roots and Outkast will mix up
>the fest a bit. Plus...
>if ?uest is down to
>play some more like how
>he said he wouldnt... so
>effing what. NO matter what
>it will be dope, so
>let the man play, plus
>all of it is along
>with the same motif of
>Area One... so hey.

i'm not going to be as close-minded to say that it's good or bad for him to play the ish so don't get your panties in a bunch...i was just sayin what i heard....

i think i trust ?uest enough to realize that he would never compromise hip-hop for the sake of what's in or what has the potential to reach another group of people(i hate the word crossover)