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Topic subject?uest's interesting comments in Rolling stone concerning new direction/ his 45 mins of performing time
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16027, ?uest's interesting comments in Rolling stone concerning new direction/ his 45 mins of performing time
Posted by DROots, Tue May-29-01 10:16 AM
in the new issue of rolling stone, there is a snipit about the area:one festival and Mr. Love had to say this:

"Since The Roots are readying a new album for release next year and lead lyricist black thought will put out a solo record this fall, the group has a backlog of new material in its set. 'I've been doing a lot of experimentation with electronica and drum-and-bass,' says drummer ?uestlove. 'And I want to get the jam band in us out there. We're going to really take advantage of our 45 mins, and, hopefully, we'll get out of this 'best group you've never heard of' category.'"

cool! the drum-and-bass direction sounds like a really interesting one. Finally, there will be some more uptempo roots songs. I love the high energy, explosive ending of "you got me" feat. Jilly on "come alive." And, hopefully, he will be correct and they will get out of the "best band youv'e ever heard of category!" good luck this summer ?uest! o btw, does anyone know who they are taking with them to sing "you got me?" are they gonna use nelly furtado?" that would be interesting... in a cool way...
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