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Topic subjectpssst. hey you, fire...could be a long shot
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16016, pssst. hey you, fire...could be a long shot
Posted by JNOTA, Wed May-30-01 07:53 PM
did you ever record in perth amboy(i see your from nj and work in low budget spots) i heard this guy in the barbershop talking about some r&b work hes been doing in the studio above the barbershop. he had something to do with sony, he had a video tape of some type of sony showcase(nobody ive ever heard of on the tape)
anyway, i told you its a longshot! (but that low budget studio advice you gave was... reality. thats the way to get the job done)

aimname: jnota7
"we put language in zoos to observe caged thought and toss peanuts and p funk at intellect. and motherfuckers think these are metaphors, i speak what i see, all words and worlds are metaphors of me" -saul williams