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Topic subjectRE: Jazzies get the fuck off MCA/Motive!
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16008, RE: Jazzies get the fuck off MCA/Motive!
Posted by okaysouthafrican, Wed May-30-01 05:57 AM
obviously the jazzies can't take anything we say here seriously, because i've yet to hear an "expert" opinion on this board, if such a thing exists in the music business. that's my point. there are people within record companies, international and local, who look for the experts to predict trends, or create trends, and base the years budget upon those factors. if you don't fit the model, or aren't a proven sales winner, then you don't get the financial support.

take u2 for example. they don't neccesarily fit the boy band trend, or whatever is going on, but they switched over to interscope because with their status they can get the support. however, since the mergers in '99, interscope is still under polygram, so they didn't really switch labels, so to speak. but in america, interscope will not put up the money to release singles for u2, because it is a cost risk (with the exception of "elevation" because it's on the tomb raider soundtrack and has a flashy video that they need to recoup on.) but u2's representation in europe (island?, i believe, still) will put out all the singles they can because there is a market, a financial motive. interscope's only motive at this time is to make singles and videos that serve as commercials for a movie that i guarantee was produced by a related film company.

so if i have an opinion on the jazzies situation, it's go independent. make less money but keep more of it. of course it's not always that simple, because there is less money to produce album's with, but obviously it's not working w/ a minimajor.

my apologies to all that this is so fucking longwinded.


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