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Topic subjectRE: hands on?
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15999, RE: hands on?
Posted by Jay, Wed May-30-01 07:32 AM
The Roots as Motive founders not the Jazzys. I understand that they gig every week but...it's basically the same gig every week so that doesn't count.

>theyve paid their dues. weekly
>gigs for the majority of
>going on 2 years, they've
>put on some good shows,
>they have a fan base
>in new york, philly, dc,
>and maybe a few other

But that relatively
>small fan base isnt enough
>to convince mca that they
>will be big sellers (all
>that matters to mca)

Nope. You said the key thing relatively SMALL.

, therefore
>the label acts like corporate
>capitalist assholes

I say again music BUSINESS.

"Who the fuck are the Fugee's Ja_ _ _" - Lyor Cohen on the orginal idea to have Lauryn on the "All I Need" rmx