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Topic subjectRE: 300,000 aint shit.
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15995, RE: 300,000 aint shit.
Posted by guest, Sun Jun-03-01 08:11 AM
word... you ever heard those peeps on mp3.com? there's a reason why they all sound wack- all their tracks were made for about $50. The only person who can make money sellin' shit out their trunk is someone like DJ Clue, who jacks other people's trax, and yells "ha-ha!" over the track, to make it "his own" (an x-clue-sive). You need money to sound good. Fuck the "digital revolution". That just means everyone else sounds better, so you gotta spend more money, b/c you can't get away with producing on some wack analog shit and nobody noticing. Mad love, quest.