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Topic subjectwrath of my mathness
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15993, wrath of my mathness
Posted by qoolquest, Sun Jun-03-01 11:31 PM
>Surely you realize that plenty of
>labels that aren't majors pump
>out loads of quality product
>with projects with budgets $300,000
>and less, right?

but how many of those joints you hear on the radio/video 24/7. and at the end of the day....hey j dilla's fantastic vol 1 is one of my favorite all time classics but if you dont make the label money you are outta there!

and yes....even "the blast" cost mad loot to push.

>And the $100,000 for independent radio
>promoters gets blown on the
>single, not every song on
>the record.

i meant singles.

but even still my point was that $300,000 aint shit in the world of music making. today that can bearly get you a half decent hype video.

>but all of this is elementary.
>when you find out your
>budget is $300,000, you and
>your management have to be
>congnizant of one or two
>possibilities (a) we will be
>able to make this record,
>through miracuous sacrifice and we
>need to plan how we'll
>make it through OR

well short of the jazzies making everyone go lower than what they charge already ?(im sure most cats on this record are taking a half L already) if we sacrifice anymore the cops might question us for the bloodshed (bad bible joke)

>we're fucked from jump and
>they have no intention of
>letting us succeed. then there's


(c): maybe if we
>give them the right songs,
>they'll up our budget midway
>through recording, which does happen.
>and apparently is what happened
>here. record, record, record, hope
>the budget gets boosted later

im sorry but you will never convince me that "good songs" magically get on the radio out the kindness of some programmers heart.

mca has never pushed the jazzies to radio to even see if they were getting "felt" in the first place.

at least tell em "hey we have the jazzies".

i bet right now 90% of the label dont even know merce and trace's first names.

>Jay has a very vital point.
>The Jazzies have to do
>something to make themselves a
>priority at MCA.

we did everything within the bounds of the law.....

matter of fact we pulled some suge shit too.

but what do you suggest?

I'm not
>going to play manager here
>and make a list of
>suggestions (or maybe I will,
>but not detailed suggestions). In
>any case, Jay is absolutely
>correct that the size of
>your budget is pretty much
>directly proportionate to how much
>the label figures you'll make
>them back.

i for one thinks he didn't listen to the product to begin with.
mind you this is the man that would not let us snag jill.

>i don't see the jazzies on
>any major tours.

who they gonna open for?
lil bow wow?
destiny's child?

this all goes hand in hand. they can't tour cause no one knows their material like that. the double dutch game of entry position music world is a fast tough one.

i tried
>to book the jazzies to
>come to DC and the
>booking agent was talking $10,000.

spirit. you are one of the few players/vets i respect.
no way in hell this convo was had. and if it was then as a promoter you should know that cats will always come in higher than what is norm.

it's called haggling.

you have to tell me verbatim how you got that figure.

>helpful hint: reduce that fee
>because it's not happening considering
>how few records JFN has
>sold. and, yeah, the booking
>agent mentioned tour support from
>the label co-funding that fee,
>but you know what? MCA
>ain't gonna give out tour
>support forever, as you can
>see now. if the situation
>is as desperate as described,
>JFN should be damn near
>performing for free to just
>to get more exposure.

i'll give you one better.

they pay to put on black lily every week!

they pay.

and now that new york is back in effect come sunday the 10th. shit will run us in the hole. (til you know who comes out with another album)

>what about touring europe?

planefare for my trip to italy 2 weeks back: $2000
hotel: $190/night

multiply that by two jazzies
a tourmanager
a 3 piece band
a roadie/soundguy

japan? $4000 ticket

>white labels undercover?
shit costs too much money!!!!!!!!!!!

more cameos?
they are on every motive related record.



the source mic ratings 1990-2001

-edutainment (funny in the annivrsery issue they left this out...but i have the ice cube issue when they first started rating albums)
-people's instintive travels and the paths of rhythm
-amerikkka's most wanted
-let the rhythm hit em
-all for one
-de la soul is dead
-the low end theory
-life after death
-niggaz4life* (not reveiwed but in summer issue 92 they mentioned it as a 5mic classic)

-sex and violence
-buisiness as usual
-business never personal
-whut thee album
-breaking atoms
-death certifacate
-buhloone mindstate
-the chronic
-enter the 36 chambers
-ready to die
-the infamous
-only built 4 cuban links
-illadelph halflife
-hell on earth
-bow down
-i am
-murder muzick
-life story
-classic limited edition vol 1
-guerilla warfare
-in my lifetime vol.3
-la rock familia
-ecleftic:two sides to a story
-moment of truth
-supreame clientel
-last of a dying breed
-the truth

the gag mics-
fear of a black planet-@@@1/2
da shinin-@@@
the beatnuts-@@@1/2**
mos def and talib kweli are black star-@@@1/2
the love movement-@@@1/2
fantastic vol 2-@@@1/2
midnight maurauders- @@@@

*-source never reviewed, but mentioned in summer issue that it was a 5 mic classic.

**-the only record to change a rating after printing. in the next issue they printed (in fine print that it was a @@@@ mic album)