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15991, math problems
Posted by spirit, Thu May-31-01 01:51 PM

Surely you realize that plenty of labels that aren't majors pump out loads of quality product with projects with budgets $300,000 and less, right?

And the $100,000 for independent radio promoters gets blown on the single, not every song on the record.

but all of this is elementary. when you find out your budget is $300,000, you and your management have to be congnizant of one or two possibilities (a) we will be able to make this record, through miracuous sacrifice and we need to plan how we'll make it through OR (b) we're fucked from jump and they have no intention of letting us succeed. then there's option (c): maybe if we give them the right songs, they'll up our budget midway through recording, which does happen. and apparently is what happened here. record, record, record, hope the budget gets boosted later on.

Jay has a very vital point. The Jazzies have to do something to make themselves a priority at MCA. I'm not going to play manager here and make a list of suggestions (or maybe I will, but not detailed suggestions). In any case, Jay is absolutely correct that the size of your budget is pretty much directly proportionate to how much the label figures you'll make them back.

i don't see the jazzies on any major tours. i tried to book the jazzies to come to DC and the booking agent was talking $10,000. helpful hint: reduce that fee because it's not happening considering how few records JFN has sold. and, yeah, the booking agent mentioned tour support from the label co-funding that fee, but you know what? MCA ain't gonna give out tour support forever, as you can see now. if the situation is as desperate as described, JFN should be damn near performing for free to just to get more exposure. for touring to have impact, you have to hit markets more than once, blah blah blah. you all know all of this, I'm sure.

what about touring europe? japan? releasing white labels undercover? more cameos?


Thoughtfully yours,

Spirit Equality

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