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Topic subjectpre production is underrated...I agree
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15990, pre production is underrated...I agree
Posted by dafriquan, Sun Jun-03-01 07:19 AM
i'm in the process of recording my single right now and i'm learning lessons. this cost a lot of cash!
but most importantly i have realised the importance of pre-production. i did some pre-production at home that saved me about four hours in the studio. time is money
you can build an excellent home studio for less than $60,000 including sound proofing. i've talked to many engineers and their advice has always been do what you can at home and bring it in for the vocals and mixing. according to them sonically there won't be much difference because they can "beef" it up. and in the days of digital transfer, you don't have to beef up shit anyway..it's all 1s and 0s.
sound quality did not prevent "Come Clean" by Jeru from being an underground classic. listen to the album it sound like they did eveything in 22,050Hz!
alot of dope independent albums were made for under $100,000 including promotion. and they went on to sell more than 30,000 copies. do the math they made a fat profit.
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