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15989, cut corners
Posted by Ape Redwood, Thu May-31-01 10:26 AM
aint that what all this new music technology is for?

Yes, I know it compromises the sound, but there is a middle ground. Extensive at-home pre-production is the key. Write all the shit at home (they might already do this). Fuck all the live shit. Use samplers at home, just dont be lazy. We all know you can approximate live drums if you're nice and willing to put in the work (long sequencer loops, slightly different hihat/kick/snare sounds throughout the drum loop, some nice reverb). Live bass-----scratch it. Either loop the guy or use keyboard sounds. Loop the keys, the guitars, etc. Record and sequence all of the looped shit at home/home studio/Roots home studio.

Only leave solo/embellishment/salad dressing/icing on the cake instruments live. Record these instruments and vocals in a nice studio. Use Pro Tools with the vocals and the live instruments----COPY AND PASTE! fuck it. at least for the hooks. Outkast did it for Ms. Jackson and Fresh Clean and it sounds god damn good. Also, use up-and-comers, stay away from the name-brand cats, nice as they may be. This goes for musicians and engineers. We all know there are some nice cats fiending to get on for a low price (like me!!!! lemme coil up some RCA's fo ya ).