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Posted by Jay, Wed May-30-01 07:43 AM
>MCA froze their minuscule budget. They
>were about 100 g's from
>reaching their budget.

But 200,000 from completion so that's 100 grand over budget. BTW since when is 300,000 a tiny budget? Sell units then you can blow dough in the studio.

>It seems
>like they're at the whim
>of an asshole who's now
>deciding he wants to NOW
>just drop 'em!!

No they're at the whim of sombody who knows that after they go over budget on recording, then go through a video, marketing, and promotions budget they'll still have an album that possibly won't recoup MCAs investment. On top of that remember that The Jazzy's are probably still unrecouped from the first album.

Obviously they
>(MCA) saw something in them

Yeah an affiliation with a Grammy award winning group.

>-- why not be about
>business and let them finish
>the album and recoup what
>they (MCA) put in to

It is about business and they won't recoup. Most artist on major labels never recoup.

>MCA is a crappy "label"!!!
What label isn't? I say again music BUSINESS.

"If it ain't right, it ain't Rush, and it ain't comin' outta this fuckin' building" - Lyor Cohen on unreleased Def Jam material