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Posted by Jay, Wed May-30-01 04:55 AM
>if the label doesnt smell a
>hit theyre gonna get tight
>on the funds.

Without a recording/marketing/video/promotions
>budget (see: common, the roots,
>d'angelo, jill) your options are

Limited to what? Read your first statement.

Common - Previous sales track record, underground hits, college radio support for the 6th Sense, HIT single "The Light".

The Roots - Hardest TOURING/working band in hip-hop, previous sales track record, college radio support for "Adrenaline", HIT single "You Got Me".

D'Angelo - "Brown Sugar" (Need I say more)

Jill - New label (How much more of a priority can you be)

Bottom line...the Jazzy's betta go cop a remix. Hell, have Com or BT spit a verse. Do a duet wit D', ask Jill to write them a HOOK (hint hint), just do something besides...nevermind.

"If it ain't right, it ain't Rush, and it ain't comin' outta this fuckin' building" - Lyor Cohen on unreleased Def Jam material