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Topic subjectQuestions for Mercedes
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15977, Questions for Mercedes
Posted by Jay, Wed May-30-01 03:17 AM
**This is from a point of love i.e. constructive critisism**

Who owns Motive?

Who's the A&R on this project?

Where's your RADIO single?

Why are you over budget in first place? (I mean you knew what your budget was. You knew they weren't exactly throwing dough at ya'll last album so why would you go over budget?)

Let's be real...I assume for ya'll to be true to yourselves ya'll insist on going against the grain. It's the music BUSINESS. Why on earth do you think a company that's is the BUSINESS of selling records would continue to throw money down the dark hole of unrecoupment. You're budget reflects you're potential return. It's smart business. You want bigger budgets...you want to be able to have your manager pick up the phone and say "Hey we need more spending water"...prove you're worth the risk...become a priority. If you want to be a priority at you're label then YOU are the only one that can make that happen. What have YOU done to say "Hey we're the JAZZYFATNASTEES and we can sell alot of records"? Ya'll have had basically three chances on two different labels to make that statement. (Granted I understand the sharks that swim the waters of Tommy Boy country) Where is your buzz. I know cats scrapin' and strugglin' on indies with bigger buzzes than the Jazzy's. All of that doesn't rest squarely on the shoulders of MCA. So I say again "What do you have for radio?" You ain't gotta sell your soul to get there. (Ask Common, Jill, hell ask ?uest)

Eff what the critics had to say about your last record. Eff what a few fans have to say. (Unless their gonna buy 4 or 5 copies of you're album this time around). Ya'll need to step outside of that circle and deliver something for the rest of the planet. That is of course if you want to stay in the music BUSINESS.

You want your label to deliver the dough...Deliver the goods. Period!

"Who the fuck are the Fugee's Ja_ _ _" - Lyor Cohen on the orginal idea to have Lauryn on the "All I Need" rmx