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Topic subjectthey wrote for Toshi Kubota...and Eric Benet too me thinks...n/m
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15971, they wrote for Toshi Kubota...and Eric Benet too me thinks...n/m
Posted by thebiach, Thu May-31-01 12:07 AM
"Just cuz we hate your punk ass that don't make you no player!"--Freddie Foxxx

"There are two types of people who oppose pornography -- people who don't know what they're talking about and those who don't know what they're missing."--Larry Flynt

"Anyway I say, white people is the flour, black people is the chocolate chips, asians is the eggs, and latinos is the butter. We should all get together and make cookies." --jumecca

"Just kickin' back with the Get Helskt Crew"--The BiACH


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