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Topic subjectpotential Jazzy homes
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15970, potential Jazzy homes
Posted by spirit, Sun May-27-01 02:44 PM
co-signing on the hidden beach recommendation...even though the jazzies don't want to be dubbed "neo-soul', the presence of neo-soul artists widens the possibility for the jazzies as far as more open-minded label homes...

I think going to Hidden Beach, Interscope, Soullife (Sunshine Anderson), or even the allegedly Big Bad Kedar at Motown might be an interesting idea.

Or, here's a radical concept: go indie. Get a deal with an indie distributor like Koch and do for self. The way a lot of majors do it, you'd "be better off doing bad all by yourself".

Good luck any way you pick it.

ps: Everyone go to the audio section of the Jazzies section of this site and check out the newly posted audio (entitled "four lives"). mercedes put the lyrics in a journal entry and i gotta say those are some of the best sung lyrics in the urban genre that i've seen in a minute. QUESTION: have either one of the jazzies seriously considered songwriting for other artists? it's a great source of income and there are a lot of singers with good voices and nothing to say out now.

Thoughtfully yours,

Spirit Equality

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