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Topic subjectlabelguy would beg to differ on the MCA angle
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15966, labelguy would beg to differ on the MCA angle
Posted by dafriquan, Sun May-27-01 12:26 PM
the artists we love the most might not be the easiest artists to sell. going against the grain is not easy.
BUT in the case of the jazzies, i'll put the blame squarely on mca/motive...how come nobody knows about the jazzyfatnastess besides me and a handful of people?
i'm a big fan of the jazzies 'cause they have beautiful voices but production wise the last album could've been better. i don't know who's working on the current album but i hope they get half the attention bilal is getting although his album hasn't even dropped. hopefully at least half the soulquarian involvement that mama's gun had.
somehow i just get the impression that the jazzies are not a priority to both thier camp and their label. not a diss to just my opinion.
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