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Topic subjectJazzies get the fuck off MCA/Motive!
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15962, Jazzies get the fuck off MCA/Motive!
Posted by allday, Sat May-26-01 05:35 PM
Mercedes, you weren't kidding about your next journal entry.

I think ya'll should get the hell off of MCA/Motive because it seems as though they aren't doing shit for ya'll but giving you shit.

Take this chance and get the hell off. See if any other labels give you a chance or search for one that suits your needs.

Both of your albums have gotten jerked by MCA. You can continue to give them a chance (what, by album 7??) but the past experience hasn't been good so accept that and move on. Go out and see who wants the Jazzies or go independent.

Fuck, sign to No Limit if you have to! (Cash Money?)